"Do I have to take everything off?"

Absolutely not.  Although it is ideal to have everything removed, it is by no means a requirement.  If you are not comfortable removing everything you are allowed to keep your underwear on.  There is no right or wrong here.

"What is the difference between a Swedish Massage and what you do?"

Most people get Swedish massage.  It is not a pressure but a style.  Swedish massage, by definition, is to remove most or all clothing, lie on a table where a therapist manipulates the soft muscle tissues - no matter the pressure used.  So, with that said, when people typically say Swedish massge, they are referring to a light touch, soothing, relaxing massage.  What I do is considered "Deep Tissue" but considering the negative conotations related to that term, I prefer to say "Therapeutic Massage."  What this means is that I work the deeper muscle tissues that will create a long-term relief in tension, cramping, or aching.  This does not mean, however, that it will not be relaxing.  My technique combines perfectly the two styles in a unique way to create the best massage you've ever had.

"How often should I get massage?"

If you have not had a massage in a while, I'd recommend getting a few sessions (usually 2-3) at two week intervals to get ahead of the tension.  From there, continue once a month.

"Is there anything I should do before or after a massage?"

Before a massage, it is very helpful if you are comfortable and ready to relax. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to verbalize them and I will do everything I can to help you enjoy your massage. After the massage, make sure you drink plenty of water. Massage releases toxins from the muscles into your system and without the water to flush them out, it can make you feel very sick.

"Will I be sore after a massage with you?"

Most likely.  Unless I've been seeing you for a while, your muscles are not likely to be too used to getting the type of treatment I put them through.  Feeling sore for a day or two afterward is very common.  Although, I encourage you to please be verbal about any discomfort.

"How do I pay?  Can I use my insurance?"

Massage is sometimes covered by medical insurance. I do not do accept insurance, but I can issue an invoice for therapeutic massage that you can use when filing yourself.