The Full Detail Massage - $160 / 2 Hours

If you've been in to see me before, you know my massage is not typical.  I am a no-nonsense therapist and I will work whatever areas need work to help you feel better in the long term.  This new session type is just an extension of that same objective.

With this session, I will work all the areas I already work on regularly but with more areas included.

Along with the typical areas, I will also work on...

  • Nearly double the time spent on the back & shoulders
  • Gluteals (including the piriformis and sciatic nerve!)
  • All adductor and abductor muscles in the legs
  • Feet & Toes
  • Hands & Fingers
  • Core Muscles (including the Laterals, Obliques, Teres)
  • Major & Minor Pectorals (this does include breast tissue)
  • Scalp
  • Ears
  • Face (including Sinuses & Mandibular Joint)

"That was the best massage you've ever given me! Thank you!"
                                              - Holly F.

The Full Detail Massage is not for everyone.  It is a lengthy massage, for one thing.  Another is that many areas worked during this session will be very close to personal areas.  You must be very comfortable with me as your therapist.  It's also intense.  My technique is not one of light touch and most of these muscles are not used to being worked on.  After this session, you will feel extreme soreness and discomfort for 2-3 days.  It is recommended that you drink a least 1 liter of water following this session as well as soaking in Epsom Salt that night.