Quiet Room Gift Certificate Fundraiser
As you may or may not know, I am trying to expand my massage business to new and improved methods of giving you more.  As my clients, I want you to know that you are the very reason I've been doing this for nearly two decades. 
Yeah, that 'two decade' thing hurt to type, to be honest.  
Anyway, I found the cutest space that I want to move into.  It's much bigger than my current space  and it will afford the possibilities to provide you with a whole new menu of services that I would excitedly love to tell you about.
Unfortunately, I can't do anything without a little bit of financial help.  I've created this fundraiser because I wouldn't dream of asking for your help without offering something in return.  So, here's what I'm proposing...

You purchase a $10 gift certificate for The Quiet Room.  This service is not available now, but will be a key feature of my new location.  This is a $30 service that you are paying just $10 for.  Of course, the certificate will never expire and as long as you have the code you can redeem it at any time for a Quiet Room session.  I understand that you may or may not be patient enough to wait for the Quiet Room to get situated, so I want you to know your $10 will not ever be wasted.  You can also use that $10 toward your next therapeutic massage session.

So, to clarify, you buy a $10 gift certificate that can either be redeemed for a $30 (future) service or as $10 cash toward a massage.  You're never losing your money, but by purchasing now you could literally TRIPLE your money.  

Of course, by purchasing this gift certificate you're not just investing in your future happiness, you're also investing toward me, your massage therapist and friend, as well as my family.  And for that, we say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Below is a rough draft of how The Quiet Room page will look on my website.
Click here to purchase a Quiet Room Gift Certificate

Meditation Rooms



Enjoy 20 minutes of peace and quiet lying in a cool, dark, room
lit with candles and a cup of wine at your side.

choose your complimentary extras

Soft Relaxing Music or Meditative Walkthrough

Do you want to relax with the soft soothing sounds of the ocean, forrest, or let the music meister take you away with pianos, flutes, or strings?

Do you want to forget about the rest of the day and meditate with a guided walkthrough that will remove everything around you and leave you in total blissful solitude for the next 20 minutes?

Warm Therapy or Cool Therapy

Perfect for those sweltering hot Texas summers.  Relax in a peaceful environment while allowing cool marble stones to penetrate the heat and cool you at your core. 

Ideal for those chilly nights and cool crisp wintery days.  Warm yuorself to the bone with the organic lava stones guaranteed to get your blood flowing.

Stones are held in the hand, placed under the back and neck, or even placed on the face for a most relaxing experience.

With or Without Scented Oils

Scented oils are perfect for an extra kick (or soothing touch) for whatever you've got going on for the day.

Sinus problems? Try our Peppermint blend to breath again!

Headache?  Our Lavender blend will help the muslces loosen.

Need to get back to work after relaxing?  Try our Citrus blend to wake you back up for the day!